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Useful links

Netherlands Patent Office (NPO)
The Netherlands or Dutch Patent Office is an agency of the Ministry of Economic Affairs and responsible for the registration of patents.

European Patent Office (EPO)
The European Patent Office or EPO is responsible for the EP (European Patent) procedure.
The EPO is also providing access to the search facility Espacenet to explore the extensive patent database.

World Intelellectual Property Organisation (WIPO)
WIPO is an agency of the United Nations and responsible for the PCT (Patent Cooperation Treaty) procedure. WIPO is providing access to the search facility patentscope for international patent applications.
WIPO also takes care of the international registrations (IR's) for trade marks and designs and offers the search facilities mess for international trademarks and hess for international designs.

Benelux Office for Intellectual Properety (BOIP)
The Benelux Office for Intellectual Property (BOIP) is the official institution in the Benelux region responsible for the registration of trademarks and designs.
Office for the Harmonization in the Internal Markt (OHIM)
OHIM is the European Union agency responsible for registering trade marks (CTM's) and designs (RCD's) that are valid in all countries of the EU.
OHIM facilitates searching the trade mark register and the design register .